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How I do it 

It takes a lot of work and perseverance and creativity to create those snapsterpieces.
Its crazy how in 10 seconds we can turn a frown into a smile. I create my stories using my finger and imagination!
** Enjoy the art **

My Story

As a kid growing up in Beirut, where technological luxuries were scarce at the time, I’d create art in my free time. As I grew, so did my imagination and desire to create art using current and trending tools. Being a frequent traveler, I got to express my art all across the world and bring happiness to the people who witnessed it. Snapchat allowed me to express my life in a whole new way. From Feeling like Ironman one day who felt like he could defeat the Notorious Ultron to wanting to blast off into space like buzz lightyear another day really allowed me to express myself to a global community all in just a short 10 seconds. From beautiful Paris all the way to the great North, Canada, my animated friends and I love to put a smile on the people of Snapchat.
So join me as my imagination goes wild 



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